Stock Tank Swimming Pools Are This Summer’s Trendiest Way To Beat The Heat

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It’s hard to believe that the cold days of winter are finally behind us and the sun is shining warmly in the sky above us.

Now that summer is here, we want to get the most out of our outdoor activities. The problem is, the heat can be unbearable if you don’t have a swimming pool at your disposal. If you have one in your back yard, you know the type of relief it can provide, not to mention the fun. As I’m sure you know, however, pools don’t come cheap and the maintenance can be a pain.

That is why people are using stock tank swimming pools as an interesting option.

Stock tanks are better known as farm troughs. They are filled with water so livestock can get something to drink. The fact that they are designed to hold water is what we are focusing in on and they come at a much more affordable price than digging a pool.

Swimming pools can help you to beat the heat this summer. They are great but not without their problems.

A pool is expensive and difficult to maintain. You can spend an average of about $3k on an above-ground pool.

Since a standard pool is so expensive, people are using stock tanks instead. They are typically used to water livestock but they work great as a makeshift pool.

They are also a lot more affordable than a typical pool You can by an 8-by-2-by-8 foot stock tank for around $300.

Another option is to buy a set of 2 stock tanks on Amazon for $271.55

If you aren’t into galvanized metal, you can try some stock tanks that look good on the outside. This stock tank is available on Amazon for $259

They are easy to set up and maintain. Just find a flat area and get started.

Seal the tank and fill it. A pump can be added to help keep the water clean.

If desired, you can also drain the stock tank after each use. A filter can also be used to keep things ready for the next use.

Most people feel it is easier to manage a stock thank than a pool.

Be sure you use a floater if you use chlorine in your stock tank pool. If the chlorine tab comes in direct contact with the metal it could rust.

You can also dress them up in unusual ways to keep things interesting.

An umbrella or awning can help keep the water comfortable and adds to the charm.

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If you have some creativity and a tight budget, you can still have a pool. Using a stock tank is the perfect option to keep cool this summer.

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