How To Start A Mom Blog (Beginner’s Guide)

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GET STARTED: How To Start Your Blog In 10 Minutes (Or Less)

I started my blog from scratch with absolutely no clue what I was doing. Now my blog makes over  $17,000 per month. If I can do it, so can you!

I completely changed my life the day I decided to learn how to start a blog. I had no idea at the time that the decision I was making would pay off all our debt, (including our mortgage), allow us to become financially free and retire my husband at the age of 30 years old.

I left my corporate career to stay at home with my newborn but wanted to continue to contribute to the family finances. I tried multiple ways to make money from home as a stay at home mom. After many different ventures, I finally learned how to start a blog and make money from it.

My friends and family asked me to help them. Then my readers begged for my advice to help them start profitable blogs too. So here is my guide to starting your own blog!

This guide will show you how you can create your own self-hosted blog with your own domain and without any technical skills! Start sharing your thoughts and knowledge with the world in your own unique way.

Worried? Don’t be. You got this!

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    Before we get started, you need to sign up for hosting…

    You’ve told yourself a million times that you wanted to start a blog, but never get around to it. Stop reading this and GO START YOUR BLOGYou can have everything up in less than 10 minutes. You’re going to look back in 6 months from now and wish you started today.

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    Choosing A Name And Get WordPress Hosting

    domain name is the term used for your website address. For example, Facebook’s domain name is

    hosting plan is what powers your website to be seen on the Internet. Without it, no one will be able to see the valuable information you have to share.

    Anyone who owns their own blog has to pay for their domain and hosting.

    The good news is that it’s not expensive.

    I recommend using New accounts get a free domain with hosting starts at $3.95/month.

    Hosting is something that you don’t want to skimp out on. Cheaper services offer poor quality loading time that results in a lot of lost visitors on your blog.

    Been there, done that.

    Your first step is to search for your own domain name. 

    Try the tool below to see if your domain name is available. If it’s not, you’ll see some great suggestions you might like!

    PRO TIP: Consider Getting Privacy Protection

    When registering a domain, your information becomes public record. If you want to hide the record, you’ll want to select “Domain Privacy Protection.”

    How To Install WordPress

    Once you’ve signed up, you’ll need to install WordPress.

    WordPress is a simple blogging software that lets you create a blog with drag and drops and click and types.

    The site you’re on right now is built with WordPress.

    If you signed up at, then you’ll have a one click install button (another perk).

    Here’s how you install WordPress.

    Login to your account and select the “Install WordPress” icon in the website’s section.

    Choose the DIY free version and click the “Install” button.

    Click on the “Check Domain” button.

    Check the terms and conditions box and click the “Install Now” button.

    Congrats! You Are Almost There…

    Once the installation is done, click on the “View Credentials” button.

    This is where you’ll get your secret login information to start blogging. Copy your admin URL, username and password and keep it in a safe place.

    Don’t worry. You can change your password the first time you login if you want something easier to remember.

    Finally, head on over to the admin URL..

    Enter your username and password and you’re all set to start blogging!

    You’re officially the newest blogger.

    Welcome to a very special club where we have the power to influence the world.

    Pick Your Theme

    The design of WordPress blogs run on “themes.”

    Themes work with the WordPress software to create the graphics and layouts we see on our favorite blogs.

    It’s clean, but might lack personality.

    Here’s how you can access a whole slew of free themes.

    In your WordPress dashboard, go to “Appearance => Themes.”

    On the next page, you’ll see all of your installed themes.

    You can search for new themes by clicking on “Add New” at the top of the page.

    Choose a theme you like best. If I was starting a food blog, I might want to choose the “Bakery” theme. Just hover over the theme you like and click the “Install” button.

    After a few short seconds, your theme will be installed. Just click the “Activate” button to change your design.

    Here’s what the new theme looks like immediately after installing.

    You can tinker around with the settings until it’s pleasing to your eye. Every theme will have a unique set of settings. You can customize most features by clicking on the “Customize” button in your theme settings.

    Create Your First Blog Post

    Stop with the settings and get to the blogging!

    The first thing you want to do is click on “Add New Post.” You might notice that there’s already one post inside called “Hello World.” You can delete that one.

    Once you’re inside, it’s just like using your favorite document editor.

    Enter a title, add some images and text. When you’re ready, hit the publish button.

    Here’s what your post would look like on your new blog.

    Stop reading this and GO START YOUR BLOGYou can have everything up in less than 10 minutes. You’re going to look back in 6 months from now and wish you started today.

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